Organic & Bio Dynamic Agriculture Projects

Organic & Bio Dynamic Agriculture Projects

O.K Agri lanka already started the cultivation of 188 acres. The project is expected to increase gradually to about 2000 acres over the Our Main Crops pineapple, coconut, seedless watermelon, green & red chili. The advanced high-tech organic and bio-dynamic growth methods produce significantly higher than average yields per acre, the use of our techniques that we implement high-tech Teconologih advanced that allow us to grow and continue to provide markets the products without being dependent on the weather , and that we can deliver the products throughout the year .

We produce a higher than avarage yield of juicy, golden pineapple within 10 months. The aromatic, vitamin rich, pineapple weigh an avarage of about 1.7 – 1.8 kilograms each.

We have developped a unique low cost, method that can produce a significantly higher amount of coconut fruit per acre. Tradition cultivation methods, produce annual yields of 3,500 nuts per acre. Our method : 14,000 nuts per acre.

Seedless Watermelon
We produce seedless Ashira watermelons that weigh and average of 3-4 kilograms. Ashira watermelons are well known for their strong resistance to disease and longer than average shelf life. By virtue of their strong, nice, thick rind, seedless watermelons ship well and typically remain intact until reaching their final destination.

Green chili
next 3 years.