Manufacturing Organic & Biodynamic Fertilizer

Manufacturing Organic & Biodynamic Fertilizer

The company intent is to diffuse organic agriculture and we believe in the island potential for developing the organic & biodynamic agriculture. Our methods increase the long term productivity of the farm and enhance the value of the hic develop country exports to international standards. We have established a marketing department and we supply guidance and advice for organic & Biodynamic fertilizers.

Compost– rich in nutrients, and promotes soil microbes that aid plant growth.

Compost Tea– boosts compost availability to the plants. It’s used to double the number
of microorganisms in billions .

Liquid Fertilizers– are injected to the irrigation system. Used as a supplementary
nutrition in addition to compost.

Our high-tech methods have been proven to significantly increase yield and by using
Israeli irrigation system, the farmer will not depend on weather conditions and will be able
to produce the all year around.
Proper field management and High quality fertilizer Manufactured by O.K.’s team
will guarantee extremely high quality and longer shelf life product that will meet
international export standards.