Irrigation Systems Project

Irrigation Systems Project

O.K. Agri Projects specializes in the development of
a wide range of irrigation and intensive agriculture.
THE team of O.K. includes agronomists well-experienced
and work with the best leading companies to design and build
the project tailored to your needs.
Our high-tech methods have been proven to significantly increase yield
and by using Israeli irrigation system, the farmer will not depend on weather
conditions and will be able to produce the all year around.
The aim of the project is to provide assistance professionalism and reliability requirements tailored to
the customer throughout the project from the design and construction features.
The major advantages of the O.K. Projects is the ability to stay and manage the irrigation systems
throughout the growth time until the actual project success.

We use high-tech organic agro technologies to develop unique and cost effective methods to
improve the productivity of the plants.

> Computer Control

  • Irrigation for agriculture is internet based system and shows data from field.
  • Enable online monitoring of processes and remote control.

> Quality fertilization adjustments according to the specific crop.

  • Dripline technologies provide efficient,
  • flexible and cost-effective solutions for a wide.
  • range of crops in diverse conditions, tailored to varied needs.